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The Nordic statistics database on education contains data on education and training, financial support, level of education, studies abroad and PISA results.

Education and training

Education and training covers statistics on the number of graduated students, early school leavers and participation rates in education for adults. In relation to population size, Denmark has more graduates from tertiary education.

Source: Nordic statistics database, EDUC03

The figure displays the number of students that have graduated from tertiary education per year, by country and time.

Financial support

Financial support covers statistics on grants and loans for full-time students in education. Note that Greenland reports student loan per semester and not per month. 

Source: Nordic statistics database, EDUC07

The figure displays the total financial support designated to students, measured in euro per month, by country and time. 

Level of education

Level of education covers statistics on attained educational levels in the population. The percentage of the population that have attained tertiary education has increased in all Nordic countries over time. 

Source: Nordic statistics database, EDUC11

The figure displays the percentage of the population (20-69 years) that have attained tertiary education (ISCED level 5-8), by country and time.

Litteracy (PISA)

Literacy (PISA) contain results from the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment, which is an assessment of the educational system in different countries. It measures the performance of 15-year-olds on mathematics, science and reading. Finland has ranked high in reading during the shown period.

Source: Nordic statistics database, PISA01

The figure display PISA-results on reading by country and time.

Studying abroad

Studying abroad covers statistics on exchange studies and full education abroad by location, type and level of studies. Among the Nordic countries, more students from Sweden and Norway attain their full education abroad.

Source: Nordic statistics database, EDUC12

The figure displays the number of students that are studying their full education abroad and receives financial support, by country and time.