This November 2018 the Nordic Statistics database is presented in a new format as embedded into the website Besides giving access to the data from the Nordic Statistics database the website also presents news and releases.

The Nordic Statistics database contains comparative Nordic statistics of strategic importance for the Nordic co-operation. Topics covered are for example: Agriculture, environment and energy, education, population, health and the economy. The database is more thoroughly described on the about page. Here you will also find the terms for using and referring to the database.

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Today a new statistics area “Integration and migration” is added to the Nordic Statistics database. The area covers information on demography education and employment for the immigrant populations and their descendants.

The main 2018 update of the Nordic Statistics database was released late October. 

Please note that for some matrices data will arrive late or no data are to be received this year. Furthermore a few matrices are due to quality issues yet to be finalized and published.
Further updates will be published on a continuous basis.

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